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Congratulations to Casey Wright for being awarded The Courage to Come Back Award 2022!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

In 2020, I had the honour of writing and directing a one-man show, Casey and the Octopus, performed by then 19-year-old Casey Wright. The show was based on Casey’s life as a cancer survivor and all-around unstoppable, inspirational bad ass. The show was produced by The Virtue Society and The East End Boys' Club, and stage managed by Haven Acting Studio’s new media manager, Andrea Heald-Miller. Being a part of this show was a career highlight and I will always carry a piece of Casey's huge heart with me. He and his family are extraordinary people and I am a better man for having collaborated with them. Casey’s journey is ongoing and there’s so much ahead for this talented, kind, and courageous young man


Ben Immanuel

Click here for Casey's music video!

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