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Based in Los Angeles, California, Barbara Deutsch has been in the entertainment business since the birth of bell-bottoms, Barbie and Beatlemania. With over 30 years of coaching experience across North America, including Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Atlanta & Montreal, she has helped hundreds of clients with their careers in the entertainment industry. When you begin to know someone like Barbara, it comes as no surprise that her start in the industry is quite the story.

Originating from the East Coast, a young Barbara Deutsch worked as a secretary in the New York office for the acclaimed record label, Epic Records. On one particularly fortuitous day, Barbara (being Barbara) took it upon herself to stand on a coffee table in the middle of the office and began serenading her fellow secretaries with a rendition of Connie Francis’ swoony pop ballad, ‘Where the Boys Are’. Who else should bear witness to this spontaneous performance, but none other than the legendary Clive Davis. Clive went to Barbara’s boss and said, “Either fire her, or sign her.”


You can guess what happened next.


Not only did Barbara now handle production for Epic Records and headed up the Promotions Department for Scepter Records; but she also had a Recording Contract from Epic Records in her hot little hands. Within a year she earned the coveted role singing "Day by Day" in the first national tour of GODSPELL and recorded a cover of Lennon and McCartney’s ‘Across the Universe’. 

Since then, Barbara has carved out a career based upon the education she received from ‘The School of Life’, as they say. Making her way to the West Coast, she raised a family and pursued a successful career in television, stage, film, and commercials. Barbara has never stopped learning and still currently trains both in acting and writing. Speaking of writing, she is working on her next book, ‘20% Stupid’, a follow-up to her first book, ‘Open Up or Shut Up’, which was a roaring success.

As well as being a sought-after life & career coach, Barbara is an Adjunct Professor with Syracuse University in Los Angeles, teaching acting for non-actors.

“Working with Barbara is a career game changer. Do it.””

- Patrick Gallagher

JOE PICKETT (Series Regular)


“Barbara taught me to never be afraid to ask for what I want. Her no nonsense" Approach" to making the ceiling the floor has helped me countless times throughout my career. I'm forever grateful for all that she has shared.”

- Yetide Badaki

AMERICAN GODS (Series Regular)


"Barbara will help you into action and DO something about the things you’ve wanted to do. She really helped me put me in the driver’s seat of my own career.”

- Thomas Nicholson


"If you listen to Barbara, she will help you. Just listen to her!”

- Jerry Zaks 

Director, 3 Time Tony Award Winner, MUSIC MAN, HELLO DOLLY

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