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With 20 years of experience on stage, TV and film, and amassing over 100 IMDb credits, including recurring roles on The Good Doctor (ABC), Riverdale (CW), and Lucifer (FOX), as well as roles in the feature films Bigger Fatter Liar (Universal), Skyscraper (Universal & Legendary Pictures), and Meditation Park (CBC), Haven Acting Studio alumnus Nelson Wong is ready to share his care and insight informed by his vast experience in the industry, to guide actors in gaining confidence and enjoyment throughout the casting process. 

In Audition Breakthrough, Nelson works on-camera, helping students find confidence, and put forward their voice and artistry in the audition room environment.  

In The All Inclusive, Nelson works with actors "on the floor", using material from acclaimed stage plays and translating them to on-camera. This enables students to grow solid foundations and explore various techniques, always with the goal of fostering full and flexible performers with diverse skill sets.

As well as teaching at Haven Acting Studio, Nelson Wong is also a Part-Time Adjunct Professor at UBC, teaching screen acting as part of the BFA Acting program

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Nelson’s scene study class is just what I needed. I was getting hung up on the self tape process so much that I needed to get grounded and back to basics in order to put forth my best work. I can’t say enough about Nelson’s positive approach. Thank you Nelson.”

- Jai Braithwaite
Siren (Freeform), You Me Her (Audience), Hitler’s Last Stand (NatGeo)

“Nelson’s class exceeded my expectations in every way. He creates a comfortable and welcoming space for everyone to come in and do the work in a relaxed but focused environment. He offers an absolute wealth of knowledge, and really opened my eyes to numerous tips and techniques that weren’t even on my radar prior to learning from him! I thoroughly enjoyed the material every week, and his unique approach to recreating the audition process creates a very fun overall class dynamic that keeps everyone engaged and involved.”

- Lauren Maynard
SIX, Man in The High Castle

"Auditions have always been a bit out of focus for me. Nelson has acted like a perfectly crafted pair of prescription glasses, opening my eyes to the audition process and presenting all of the wonderful possibilities a scene can offer in a clear, creative, and fun way. Nelson challenges you to take risks, dares you to bring your true, authentic self to the audition, and gives you the confidence to handle the many curve balls your auditors will likely throw at you. Since studying with Nelson, I walk into the room with complete confidence in my preparation, and my call back ratio has leaped to over 70%! Nelson gives you the tools to create a lasting impression that will get you seen over and over again.”

- Jesse Carroll
Travelers, Untold Stories of the ER, Morning Show Murders

“Nelson books a lot of acting jobs. He’s clearly doing something right in those audition rooms, and he’s eager to share his experience, passion and insight with his Audition Breakthrough students. I respect and trust Nelson completely and I’m very glad to have him teaching this class at Haven Studio. Nelson is knowledgeable, fun, humble, kind-hearted and totally passionate about the craft. I trust him completely to guide his students in an always challenging, but totally safe atmosphere. That’s what Haven is about, and Nelson fits right in.”

- Ben Immanuel

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