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Swing Wars

Haven Acting Studio alumnus, Teresa Riley:

"I was lamenting on how I wish Chris Guest would make another mockumentary. I love those movies so much. Then I thought, hey…why don’t I just make one myself? Immediately, Swing Dancing came to mind”. Teresa was percolating on this idea, and after telling fellow Haven alumni Timothy Paul Coderre about it, he jumped on board instantly. Tim urged Teresa to write the script, and people seem to be loving it and are jumping on board to help.

Teresa and Tim decided with Teresa’s vision and prior directing/producing experience, and Tim’s extensive on set experience that they should co-direct the project together.

Swing Wars is Teresa's love letter to Swing Dancing. “Ultimately, the film is about learning to love and respect each other. Also, to let go of ego. "To me there’s no better way to do that than through partner dancing” she says.

Tim and Teresa each play a small part in the film, and they have cast several Haven alumni for many of the roles, including; Victoria Souter, Stephanie Cho, Jarrett Carlington, Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes, Maia Michaels, Bernie Yao, Aaron McCallum.

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